We’re running out of time

ilhas studio was invited by Walk&Talk arts festival in São Miguel island, Azores, to be part of the 2022 edition. The aim was to organise a visual marathon that took place during the Walk&Talk Arts Festival, on July 24th in the island of São Miguel, Azores. The Marathon was divided in four courses (42,4 km, 22,4 km, 7 km and 3 km), passing through different trails in São Miguel. Anyone could participate - either by running or walking.
The idea behind this visual marathon was that one person alone can’t fight all injustice, but each one of us can give voice to at least one cause. The body of each participant was a visual support, carrying a graphic piece designed by ilhas studio, based on the watchwords and causes submitted by the participants during the registration act.
WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME is a project that defends intersectionality as a way of looking at the world, where art, sport and citizenship meet to generate spaces for encounter and dialogue.

Design collaborator /Social media: Tomás Queiroz
Project collaborator: Run Azores
Producer: Ruben Monfort / Walk&Talk
Structures contruction: Luís Brim/ Walk&Talk
Website programming: Maria Nery
Photographs by: Álvaro Miranda

Client: ilhas studio, Walk&Talk