Ninguém. Só eu.

Ninguém. Só eu. is an exhibition that results from the residency and support project for artistic creation coordinated by Antonia Gaeta around the exhibition Jaime: “I saw a dog of mine with wolves” at Centro de Arte Oliva. The artists were invited to dialogue with the life and work of Jaime Fernandes, a cult outsider artist, whose production remained mainly known through the film Jaime (1974) by António Reis/Margarida Cordeiro and not so much through direct contact with drawings.
The resident artists and authors of the works on display are: Ana Manso, Ana Santos, Belén Uriel, Francisca Carvalho, Jorge Queiróz, Mattia Denisse, Sérgio Carronha, Susanne Themlitz and Tropa Macaca.

Client: Centro de Arte Oliva