Lebre - Lances de Hermes is a performance by Alexandre Pieroni Calado, João Ferro Martins co-created by Raquel Pimpão/Sofia Queiroz and text by José Miranda Justo. The project takes as its starting point the idea that we are in an era of speed and communicability, which are attributes of the mythological figure of Hermes; from another perspective, it assumes a diagnosis of hermetic inflation, insofar as contemporary western culture suffers from the manipulation of information, the dissolution of values, the commoditization of culture and the arts.
The book Hermai, contains all of the textual material that is used in the performance. The book was designed as something went wrong: pages that appear to have been badly printed and folded, images that dragged. ilhas studio created all the images that appear throughout the book: figures of hermai that were dragged creating that parasitic noise that was associated with the idea of a crossroads, which was also related to Hermes.

Client: Artes & Engenhos