Boom Festival 20 years:
A Visual and Oral History

Boom Festival is one of the major transformational and trance music festivals of Portugal. The festival began in 1997 as a psychedelic trance music festival, and ever since, it has grown. Nowadays, the festival embraces a large diversity of music, art and performance. With a unique culture that arrises from the encounter of all of the thousands of visitors that every two years arrive to Boomland, Boom festival created, in the past 20 years, a singular identity. Boom Festival 20 years: A Visual and Oral History encapsulates 20 years of Boom in 356 pages, featuring testimonies of 134 people who have had an impact on the evolution of the festival and who’s lives were touched by it.

ilhas were responsible for art direction and designing the book. In a visual odyssey that goes from the year 2016 back to the roots and beginnings of this festival in 1997. Exploring the imagery and visual culture of the festival, the book comes with a pair of paper glasses that allows the viewer to see the various layers of images that lay under each page.

Client: BOOM Festival