Antes do início e depois do fim: Júlio Pomar e Hugo Canoilas

Combining art, research and documentation, Júlio Pomar's work is shaped by a critical heritage that allows him to approach nature in a relaxed manner, without any pretensions of presenting knowledge shaped by the presuppositions of science. Nature, a scientific perspective and an artistic perspective are combined in a discourse that goes beyond disciplinary determinations and guarantees a revealable final result in different layers of information. In dialogue with the work of Júlio Pomar, by Hugo Canoilas, an extensive body of work that the artist has developed in recent years is shown, based on a figuration that is sometimes prehistoric or pre-apocalyptic, and sometimes post-apocalyptic, in a spectacular critical attempt to think about society, about the relationship with art and with nature through art.
Sara Antónia Matos

Client: Atelier-Museu Júlio Pomar /
Documenta-Sistema Solar
Lisboa, 2020