Carolina Pimenta

ilhas studio was invited to design a book for the photographer Carolina Pimenta's exhibition Almost Famous at Nuno Centeno Gallery. The book is wrapped in a golden poster, poster which has in its back the introduction text to Pimenta's exhibition.

“Black on white, confetti on the floor, a shoe with mud, disco balls on the ceiling, erect hand with raised smartphone ready to shoot, legs flung, dresses flying, swimming pools in the background, bum in air under the table, white lace dress on a black floor, red nails, white donkey on yellow earth, red sat on blue in front of green with a foosball table, banana on the groin, glitter in the eyes and body in the mirror, latex and sauce, the finger on the zipper, Kellogg's Cornflakes, the endless land and mountains in the air, shadow clock and a wet lap, golden dress, Bloody Mary, beach chairs, a rat in a cup, boobs out, tongues out and stolen kisses, face smashed on a glass, a rehearsed gesture & kiss the shark”   
Julião Sarmento (Curator)

Client: Nuno Centeno Gallery
Oporto, 2019