50 anos para cuidar dos próximos 50
(50 years to look after the next 50)

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of 25 April 1974, ilhas studio started a project to thank the date that brought freedom and democracy to the country we live in today. In this project, the studio sought to collect some of the laws and rights that have been won in the last 50 years: from the abolition of the husband's right to open his wife's correspondence (1976) to gender self-determination (2024), the path travelled in Portugal, we believe, has shown us that a better, fairer, more equitable country is possible. The 25th of April brought us the news that a democratic and free country was possible. The last 50 years have shown us how the evolution of freedom has enabled development and the creation of rights for women and communities that didn't even have a place in the constitution. On 25 April we celebrate 50 years, but we're also thinking about the next 50. This is the first series of a project that we want to continue for the next 50 years.

Designed items:
- Poster

Client: ilhas studio