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MARATHON        walk&talk        2020/21        São Miguel, Azores

WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME is a project for the 2020/21 walk & talk festival that aims to create a marathon in 2021 during the festival: a 42 km circuit around São Miguel island (Azores), where everyone is welcome to participate. 

A marathon that is also a manifestation and that intends to gather struggles and causes: these 42km around São Miguel will pass through 8 stops that for social, environmental or human reasons, are representative of struggles and actions that have contributed to a more diverse fair and worthy world.

These stops, separated by 5.25km distance, will be anchors points where new people, associations, collectives or informal groups can join the marathon. These 8 stops allow each person who signs up for the marathon to determine how many kilometres they want to do and where they want to star and end. At these stops, a symbolic testimony will always occur.

Start participating today!

In this edition 9.5 of 2020 of Walk & Talk we started to prepare our marathon through the collection of sentences that are representative of struggles and causes.

We invite everyone to join their voices: your phrases of struggle will become part of our archive.  

In 2021 we will contact you so that you can register for the marathon to be held in July during the walk & talk festival and participate with your sentence printed on a t-shirt in the marathon around the island.

Regardless 2021 marathon participation, leave us your sentence so that together we can create an archive of ideas, protests and aspirations. {see shared sentences}

We are looking for associations, projects or places in São Miguel to be one of the 42km circuit stops and take part of this Marathon.

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